Anger Management fall boots

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You know when your husband gets you mad? Like raging mad? Like you might need some therapy just to talk to him mad? I’ve found that this time for me, is the best time to procure the investment pieces for my wardrobe that I need. Rage, my friends, loves investments. This I have found.
Boots? A designer bag? Some bling? Rage feels better clothed in these. Generally I am a deal lover, but sometimes you need healing that only your anger connects with. I’ve found (and this is only me…ok and maybe a few of my other mom friends) that I just need to allow my emotions to take their natural course. Flush them out good and proper. I’ve found that those emotions are attracted to lovely fall boots and that my rage finds the boots to be very soothing. I can really stomp out my issues, strut the edge off, and walk into a peaceful reconciliation.
This, I have found, really helps my psyche. And my husband likes when I’m calm. So really, it’s a natural win win for all.

It goes something like this:

Oh my goodness my rage got these!
Mandy On Duty Blog

I’m just trying them on…they look pretty good though, right?
Mandy On Duty Blog

Mandy On Duty Blog

What anger management methods do you employ (and or wear)?