The athleisure look

April 11, 2016
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog

So the athleisure look is all the rage right now. I see the single ladies rocking athleisure hard when they’re doing their errands and having their coffee, but for us mom ladies, this is not a look. You know why?
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog
Because we already do this at home! And at the park. And at the bus stop. And in your garden. AND at the gym. This is already a stay-at-home, Sundays-in, I’ll-just-get-some-groceries-real-quick, mom-leisure look. We don’t need more of this! I think we’ve got leisure covered.
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog
Workout clothes are my least favorite clothes to shop for so I was pleasantly surprised when I followed my brother into an Adidas outlet store and happened upon this great sweater. It can be dressed up and it still feels leisurely without looking frumpy. Points for athleisure!

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