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Stylish mom shopping tip 101 – fake it till you make it! So your wardrobe is limited but you can still find that one top that works with lots of things – in this case 3 bottoms. Your outfits can look new and great even if you’re recycling a top or your favorite pair of jeans.

This is especially important if you’re a stay at home mom because you’re tempted to live in your pjs forever! But you’ll need to go out at some point, so here’s how to look stylish even though you’d prefer to be in your comfy gear –  fake it till you make it!

Here are some easy steps:

Step 1) Buy a well fitted stylish flowy top. If you calculate that you can wear it with at least 3 different bottoms then it’s worth it.

Step 2) Get out a pair of your nicest most fitted jeans or black pants or skirt. It doesn’t need to be tight just fitted. If you only have a tight one put it on. It needs stretching anyway!

Step 3) Now here’s the “fake it” part – find a pair of heels that fit and wear them with the top and jeans. Wear the heels! Just wear the heels!

Repeat steps 1-3 whenever you need to leave the house to go appointments, get coffee, meeting up with friends etc… You’ll feel good about yourself!

p.s. If you trip in the heels pretend there was something in your way and keep strutting…or wobbling…you look great!

Floral Top with Vest & Leather Pants

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Floral top and Jeans with patterned shoes
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Floral Top with skirt with patterned belt
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