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Feeling good about yourself

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Cut, cut, cut! That’s how I’ve started feeling like myself, which is helping me to feel myself. Let me explain. My hair has been falling out and it has really affected my self-confidence. Imagine handfuls of hair everywhere, every time you touch your head. And imagine that you’ve gone to doctors and their guess is as good as yours. And while they’re guessing, your hair still plasters the bathroom walls, floor, sink…everywhere.

Mandy On Duty Style Interview Blog
It probably doesn’t look like it, at least that’s what people have been telling me, so I’ve at least I’ve got that going for me…I guess. But the feeling, the feeling is distressing. Not only feeling the thinness, but seeing the bald patches. Natural long curls are all the rage right now, but my hair is not cooperating with the rage, so I had to do the hard but necessary thing — cut it. It was a hard decision because I wanted to hold onto it, but as the The Buddha quote says —”You only lose what you cling to.”
Mandy On Duty Style Blog Interviews
The hairdresser told me to tag him on Instagram the day I’m “really feeling myself”. Not the “I’m feeling like myself” but rather  the “I look so great, I feel amazing about myself” feeling myself – my confident, happy, fun, sexy self. So I’m feeling myself right huurr! Well, I also feel bloated, hence the furry vest style choice, but I’m STILL feeling myself. I’m hoping the good feelings spread to my scalp and while my scalp is sucking up all the good feelings it forgets to shed hair!

I can honestly say that beauty is ALL about feeling good about yourself. When things are out of order in your life it throws off the good feelings. Once you can get to a place where you feel good about yourself I think you’ll be beaming maximum beautiful. For me, it will be when my hair stays put in my scalp.
Mandy On Duty Mom Style Interviews