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Best lady detective shows on Netflix

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I love meaty British detective TV shows, and lately I’ve been finding ones with great female kick-ass detectives who have solid character, wit, and resolve, and fight crime with a world domination attitude.

Happy Valley – This is one of my favorite Netflix shows! The plot and story lines are hearty meat and potatoes on the edge of your seat messed up stuff! Main breadwinner, divorced, raising her grandchild, and working as the head detective in her department. The stories resemble nothing you’ve watched before. (The show’s lead actress Sarah Lancashire is also one of the main actresses in the British period drama ‘The Paradise’. The roles are so crazily different that it makes her more awesome!)

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The Bletchely Circle – To be honest, I started this one and stopped it after the first few minutes because I thought it would be cliché and boring. After giving it another chance I actually learnt about what women did during the war and how the women’s movement got it’s legs. A bunch of super smart women, ahead of their time, pushed into solving a mystery and murder that helps other women.

british detective drama netflix, lady detective, britiish murder mysteryMarcella – She’s got mental issues cause her…she’s stressed out…but she follows her instincts like most female detectives do…she’s really good at her job…and she’s got grit.

For some lighter murder mystery brimming with wit and charm and far less gore and grit:
british detective drama netflix, lady detective, britiish murder mysteryMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Phryne (sounds like Franny) Fisher’s got glamorous style, great confidence, and very ahead of her time for a woman in the 1920’s. This detective series is actually Australian and if you like great costumes and style from that era plus a witty lady detective navigating crime scenes and jazz clubs simultaneously, this is fun and enjoyable watch.

british detective drama netflix, lady detective, britiish murder mysteryRosemary and Thyme – This series is older but light, fun, and all about solving crimes while gardening. You know, just your run of the mill horticulture lady detective partners in business and crime solving. I didn’t know I liked gardens so much until I watched the show!