Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and motherhood

January 28, 2016
Mandy On Duty motherhood commentary

So this photo of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian really, really pisses me off so I must comment on it. NOT for all the reasons everyone has said – inane things like – “the baby shouldn’t have been at the show”,  “why did Kim bring her?”, “she should know better” etc…

What really grinds on my nerves and to be honest, completely baffles me, is Beyonce and her lack of compassion and empathy for another mother. Beyonce can clearly see, and in case she’s blind, hear, that Kim Kardashian is completely overwhelmed. WHY as a mother wouldn’t you reach out a hand and help? All mothers know that at best, kids are 98% bipolar, and that they will always find a way to test (and harass) a mother’s last nerve at the worst possible moments. It is as sure as rain, gravity, and childbirth pain. So WHY wouldn’t you turn and see what she needs and HELP HER?! Freaking FAKE HELP her! Her struggle is so freaking real and you just casually act like it’s just HER problem and not yours? Which mother does this? Not to mention Anna Wintour and everyone else around who are completely cold, deaf, and blind! I suppose I can swallow everyone else’s response because they’ve done nothing to say that their characters are otherwise, even though Anna Winter is also a mother! But I expected so much more from Beyonce. And yes, I don’t know her personally but that I (and you), expected more of her, is a strong compliment in her favor.

Mandy On Duty motherhood commentary

Fashion is one thing, but GRACE is another totally character telling ultra important thing!

Grace means underserving kindness, and I can’t think of people more deserving of it than mothers. It’s quite possible, and probably probable, that Kim Kardashian has nannies for these sort of upsets, and it’s quite probable that Beyonce does too, so she should understand what it would be like to be stranded without your nanny help. And if Beyonce doesn’t reach for the nanny when her kid goes nuts and she handles it herself, then she should fifty million more times understand the need to HELP another mom who is struggling in toddler hell!

I take back saying I’m pissed off about this. I realize I’m utterly more baffled than pissed off. You can’t like everybody, and it’s clear that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are not friends, but which mother wouldn’t help even her archenemy who is face to face with their screaming, uncompromising, bi-polar toddler? There is no worse confrontation. None!

This situation is just so cold I can’t stand it! I’m sure Beyonce is lovely in lovely situations, but to me, the measure of a woman, and moreover a mother, is when she can execute grace under pressure. And in this situation, Beyonce was under pressure to be kind and gracious to another mother who she is unfriendly with.

And NO, it is NOT gracious to instagram the next day that the baby you didn’t help the day before is a princess! What that is, is hyp*%$isy!

Mandy On Duty motherhood commentary

I am neither here nor there on Kim Kardashian. She does her thing, and her success is nice for her. And for all the probably valid reasons she was in this unfortunate, imperfect situation, she was still in it, and she still needed help and a little grace. These photos show a simple, raw, human moment, and I suppose I expected more of Beyonce, because she constantly says she’s more. For all of us who want to share and need empowerment, and more importantly, kindness, this would have been the perfect situation to see some of it.

Lastly, and I hope I can safely assume this, I assume that one of the ways we’re planning on teaching our children the virtues of kindness, empathy, and grace, is by your own compassionate attitudes. Luckily every situation is a learning one.



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