Blazer style

mom style, casual style,

This was the typical shopping conundrum – I spotted the blazer, and I liked it, but I wasn’t 100% sure about it. But then another lady eyed it, forcing me to grab it and walk around the store with it. Because God forbid some other lady pick it up and end my indecision in its tracks! A second lady eyed it in my hands. That’s it! Now I HAVE to have it because they know it’s the last one and they’re (ok maybe one lady) swarming me like vultures. My future jealousy of said blazer on another lady plus current prey status has forced me into the blazer purchase!
mom style, casual style,

This is my other favorite blazer which takes a pounding. I wear it ALL the time. If you see me in it you can wink and say “favorite blazer day huh Mandy!”  –