I was over dressed on the Brazilian beaches

Mandy On Duty Style

“Sitting on Ipanema beach I am totally overdressed in my one piece swimsuit. The women on the Brazilian beaches, regardless of their size, shape, and stature, are all wearing my new enemy after birthing children – bikinis. The blatant body confidence of these women is stunning. They care not about imperfections. I haven’t seen the plastic surgery bodies. Just regular, everyday, self-accepting, happy bodies. The Brazilian beaches exemplify thoroughly, the “come as you are” church slogan. Who knew you could find the church of body acceptance at the beach?!
I am in awe of this experience as I am sitting here OVERDRESSED in my one-piece swimsuit. WOW! And I want to come back, and intend to come back, and I haven’t even left yet. I must tell every woman friend doubting herself for even a minute, to come to Brazil and sit on the beach. You will be freed and rid of your long standing absolutely stupid inhibitions. How amazing!”

I wrote that while I sat on Ipanema beach this summer. The whole experience was perspective shifting. The beauty of the beach was eclipsed by the beauty of women’s confidence! And I’m not talking media supermodel bodies. Quite the contrary! Just everyday women hanging hot in their rolls and tiny pieces of cloth side eyeing me like I’m dressed for winter. I think they lack American tv. They just do not care.

Talk about a confidence booster! This is the ONLY reason I’ve posted the pic in my one piece – to try out my confidence. The shy part of me is thinking I should have left the evidence on the beach, but the brave part of me says throw your butt up on the internet and hope for the best!

The below picture is me overdressed with my drink processing the whole bikini gone wild scene. Drinks really help with processing.
Mandy On Duty