Work uniform ideas

Mandy On Duty Mom Style

My office-working girlfriends think balancing chic work style that doesn’t look over casual is challenging. Some offices now have casual Friday everyday but how does one do casual everyday chic without looking like you’re just making a quick run to the grocery store?

I present you with a simple, professional-chic work style option that any woman can wear to work. Since you can rock jeans in many offices, start with a pair of fitted jeans. Add a nice top/shirt with a blazer, and your nicest pair of boots or heels, and voila – A work style outfit/uniform that you can wear repeatedly. You can replace the jeans with fitted pants if you need to, and interchange your shirts and blazers, which means you can wear this look daily and no one would notice.
Work style for moms
This looks great on every body type!
Work style for moms
I put together a similar outfit for my friend Lora (pictured) for her corporate work place. This is a great work style uniform because you can wear it with heels like Lora, or change to flats while at work. You can also interchange the shirts and use t-shirts for a cool look, and switch the blazer with any other type of jacket.
Work style for moms
The bonus is that the top hides any potentially bloated areas, and the fitted jeans suck in anything that needs sucking in. For the extra mile, use accessories to change the look up.
p.s. Check out the style session I did with Lora on simple ways to update your style –