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I lah-ove these boots and there’s a tiny little story around them that may or may not have occurred on account of my minuscule neurosis for buying things that look perfect.
Mandy On Duty
I was visiting NYC and went to a DSW where these beautiful DKNY boots lurched off the rack onto my feet! Everything about them was perfect on my feet except that I think the top of one side was a bit bigger than the other around the ankle. The defect seemed very important at that point. This is where I MAY have a little neurosis. If I’m going to spend money I want the item to be perfect. Stitching, fit, etc. Not too much to ask right?

Anyhoo, I did what anyone would do and searched through all the other boxes to find a side that perfectly matched the ankle of the one I had on. Alas, there were none. I of course enquired if they had any more in the back and shockingly they did not, but there was one back in Maryland. I OBVIOUSLY didn’t buy the imperfect pair and rushed to the DSW in Maryland where they did not have my size anymore! I then freaked out (because who wouldn’t?) and called my cousin in NYC and urged her to go back to the store in NYC and buy the pair I tried on and ship them to me. (I was now willing to live with the imperfection and size of the ankle could not be THAT bad).
The shock and quizzical “she’s got to be crazy” in my cousin’s voice transferred through the phone as I asked her this favor, but I couldn’t let her shock blur my vision! These boots were meant for me and this was an emergency! She agreed to the mission and I called her every two hours for the next two days to make sure she didn’t forgot her task at hand.
Even though DSW had bad reception I made sure to stay on the phone with her so she could open all the boxes and find the closest matching sides. She assured me she found the perfect sides and…I have been wearing them lovingly for years now!

Now I know this may sound a smidgen over the top for shoes BUT there’s a lesson for everyone here: When you see or try on something that screams you, get it! EVEN if the sides don’t match perfectly because I know this to be true: Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy!

Style tip of the day: Recycle your favorite outfit/s by changing jackets.
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