Being a beauty entrepreneur & the best Jollof rice

November 11, 2017

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I love makeup, so OF COURSE I would want to talk to a young mom entrepreneur who’s started her own makeup line. Of course! And since makeup mogul is not on my resume, I needed to know how it’s getting on hers. Here are some basic details: Her name is Irene, she’s a mom of 2, a makeup artist, and an entrepreneur. She saw a need for skin care for darker skin toned ladies, so she decided to create her own makeup line called Omolewa. Ballsy and brave!

I also love that she’s African, but multicultural African – she’s Nigerian AND Ghanian. And she’s also American. So she has a few cultures under her belt. She’s truly entrepreneurial as she travels to Ghana and Nigeria to sell her makeup, and she runs another businesses at the same time. I love why she started her own line and her take on why some women with darker skin may not be so confident. It’s something for all of us to consider when communicating with our children.

We really got into the real nitty gritty stuff!
On Nigerian vs. Ghanian culture…Jollof rice matters!

Freaking out over a bight lip color! We all do it…I think!

On why she chose the name Omolewa

Why she started her own makeup line

On darker skin color confidence

Rihanna we love you, but she’s coming for you!

Her makeup line is available via her website ( and through her Instagram page – @omolewa_cosmetics.

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