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All women are beautiful. Women don’t always FEEL beautiful but they are. So I start with my lovely self. I had an awesome experience when I was taking these photos – the makeup, hair, outfit styling. I loved it all! It’s not rocket science, and it wouldn’t save the WHOLE world, but spending time on your self will definitely save your own world. And that’s important.
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Looking fabulous is mostly about FEELING fabulous and when you feel fabulous you pass it along! I’m really great at making women feel good and look their best. They don’t usually believe my super powers until we’re doing the photo shoot and they try out the dangly earrings or a chunky bracelet they usually wouldn’t even look at. And when they see that eyeliner on their alluring eyes – massive shock! They go home excited to spend more time on themselves.
My goal is to make as many women as possible feel amazing about themselves and see their beauty through my pictures. I’m especially looking forward to photographing moms this year because they tend to get neglected often and forget how fabulous they are.

I’m looking forward to having a fabulous year making others feel beautiful and I hope you have one too!