How to update your classic style

Lora is cheeky, funny, and a great interior decorator. She works in a conservative law office where she swears if she wears anything a ¼ inch above the knee it’s too risqué(so she says)! She dresses on the conservative side but needs help adding a bit of edge to her current classic mom style.

She bought some new pieces of clothes – the blue dress and the printed top, and I showed her how to add a little more edge and oomph to her style. She had things pretty put together already, so I just added some spice using her own accessories and clothes in new ways.

We did some talking and redefined her style as: Classic, Feminine, and Pretty.

Lora’s Style: How she wears her blue dress with her jewelry
And with a cardigan

The MANDY touch: A touch of edge with pieces from her own wardrobe (jeans and shoes) and pieces she can invest in, like a leather jacket, a long bright spring jacket, and slightly bigger hoop earrings.




Add bold color to brighten things up
Use a trendy scarf to layer

Lora’s Style: This is how she does casual Friday with her print top

Mandy Style: Casual Friday with print top & ATTITUDE! She never thought of wearing this blazer and these pumps with this outfit. And she owns them! She’s really working this look! She’s also wearing bigger hoop earrings which gives her a bit more edge.