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Why we should live a vulnerable life

Mandy On Duty Blog

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of life stuff that has left me with a whopping combo of feeling vulnerable, beaten up, and awake. I’ve been looking for ways to heal my mind and nurture myself so that I can put my pieces back together differently. I stumbled across (well maybe it found me since nothing is coincidence) this TED talk by Brene Brown that is thought and soul provoking, and definitely worth sharing.

From the mother perspective, I feel like mothers are very open and vulnerable with their children, but then maybe clam up with everyone and everything else, because we dedicate so much of ourselves to our children (this is probably even more when you’re a stay at home mom). That leaves us completely open in one area and completely closed in many others. Maybe that’s why it’s harder to make good, strong, meaty friendships the older we get? Friendships that we probably really need but don’t open ourselves to?