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My sister-in-law Tina and I went to New York City and jumped all over the stairs of the New York Public Library with my New Yorker friend Amal, because we didn’t have big dresses to pose in like Carrie Bradshaw and her girls.
Mom funMom fun Manhattan
Jumping is always one of my better fun ideas so we did it! (Did you know that jumping styles have been said to be able to give insight into one’s personality?!)
Mom fun Manhattan
Mom fun New York City
Tina was visiting from Kenya and has always wanted to see New York City. She was visiting without her kids, so that meant that we had to ask my husband very nicely if he could keep the kids that he and I share for one day without me. My husband was a champ about the plan, and we single moms revved our engines the next morning without a plan, but lots of excitement. Our destination was Manhattan, but we made a pit stop in Brooklyn first where Tina said that the driving was very comparable to the streets of Nairobi. That means…it’s very busy there…basically crazy, no-rule-following, third-world driving.

After my GPS Tiffany Edna (yes, I’ve named her) threw us off 3 times, and we navigated ridiculous Manhattan traffic, and finally found parking (only after realizing that the parking lot suggested by Google maps no longer existed!), we hit the pavements of Manhattan hard! Well actually, we were standing at the corner of 36th and 5th, and I spontaneously called up my longtime, Sex and the City marathon watching, awesome friend from Montreal, Amal. As fate would have it, she worked close by and the rest of the afternoon was filled with fries, a vegan sandwich and a shawarma, wine, Nutella pastries, all 3 of us fitting into one turnstile whilst running for the train in the subway, coffee, and LOTS of walking!
We hit some great spots and all Tina kept remarking the whole time was, “Can you believe we’re doing this without the kids?!” (yes, I think so), and “Imagine if the kids were here” (I didn’t), and “This would be so different if we had to bring the kids” (we might as well not have gone).
All 3 of us are moms of 2 each and we love our children but the specialness and fun of girlfriend time and traipsing around Manhattan without little people asking why we need to be walking this far was not lost on us! Sometimes you just need a little mom fun time! In fact, lots of times…At least once a week seems fair to me.

I don’t even need New York Fashion week to strut at Bryant Park!
Mom in Bryant Park
Mandy On Duty Bryant Park

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