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We went to New York City and jumped all over the stairs of the New York Public Library with my New Yorker friend, a la Carrie Bradshaw and her girls…but three girls instead of four.
Mom funMom fun Manhattan
Did you know that one’s jumping style has been said to give insight into one’s personality?!
Mom fun Manhattan
Mom fun New York City
One friend visiting from Kenya and has always wanted to see New York City, so we revved the engine without much of a plan, but lots of excitement and made our way to the big city. We made a pit stop to Brooklyn first where the driving was apparently very comparable to the streets of Nairobi. Basically crazy, no-rule-following, third-world driving.

After my GPS Tiffany Edna (I’ve named her) threw us off 3 times, and we navigated ridiculous Manhattan traffic, and finally found parking (only after realizing that the parking lot suggested by Google maps no longer existed), we hit the pavements of Manhattan excitedly!…Well actually, we were standing at the corner of 36th and 5th, and I spontaneously called up my longtime, Sex and the City marathon watching, awesome friend from Montreal, and she happened to worked close by and came to meet us! What luck! The rest of the afternoon was filled with fries, a vegan sandwich and a shawarma, wine, Nutella pastries, all 3 of us fitting into one turnstile to catch a train, coffee, and LOTS of walking!

All 3 of us are moms so the specialness and fun of girlfriend time traipsing around Manhattan without little people  was amazing! Mom in Bryant Park
I don’t even need New York Fashion week to strut at Bryant Park!
Mandy On Duty Bryant Park