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I think the children of this beautiful mom would have been quite satisfied to be strapped to her back while we did this photoshoot! Being a busy mom is quite a challenge so finding the time to run to the back woods of of your home to do a photo shoot is just ludicrous right?! She did it anyway, and it was worth it!


This is what you want to look like when you’re carrying twins! Beautiful – check. Calm – check. Happy – check. I photographed this mom-to-be at her beautiful home in Toronto and I was amazed at her poise. Nothing like looking and feeling elegant when you’re pregnant…I never experienced it, but hey, some women are just superwomen like that!


Just lovely. That’s Nikki’s personality. She’s a great mom, and she’s always smiling and sparkling. Being a fashionista herself, we had lots of fun playing with the makeup and accessories on this shoot. Her lovely sparkle shines through!

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Melanie is what your everyday neighborhood supermodel looks like. She’s voluptuous, pretty, and has a great personality! She should really be a model but she’s decided to settle for being a photographer. She was nervous about being in front of the camera but it’s crystal clear that she’s a regular cover girl!

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Wendy is an engineer and one of my sister’s best friends. She was apprehensive about this photo shoot because she’d never done anything like it before. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or accessories every day but she was open to trying it. The results are stunning! And she took away some accessory tips too:) I would describe her as feminine, and gutsy, and beautiful!

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Dazzling muse. Alana is my sister, my favorite sister (she says I can say that because she’s my ONLY sister). She is younger than me but so mature, and stylish, and determined. I admire her tenacity and I love her style because it’s completely different than mine. She’s uber bohemian chic! I love photographing her and I do every chance I get.



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