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You know how you see women looking stunningly casual chic while running errands, or out at the bookstore with their kids, or at the coffee shop ? Well that look takes work! My cousin (who has 5 kids) told me the other day that a lot of times when she leaves the house she wants to look cute but then she’s in a hurry and ends up leaving the house looking homeless and crazy.
Casual chic style takes good flats, or a good bag, or a good jacket, or all. I know “casual” screams flats, but sometimes the flats are just blaahhh and I end up in heels. And since we moms spend forever running errands, some days you gotta handle them like a boss lady in heels. Until the heels start to hurt…at which point you’re hopefully done everything. If not you’ll just have to fake it till you make it (home!).