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Mandy On Duty Style Blog Washington DC, mom style, mom makeovers
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog Washington DC, mom style, mom makeovers
When going to the museum with your little children, it’s best to pick the museums that interest them, and ONLY them, or they turn the trip into a whine fest. We learned this AGAIN this weekend. We started out pretty well by going to the American history museum (in Washington DC), where there is a Spark Lab for kids to build their own inventions. My husband and I assisted our 6 year old with his inventions while the 3 year old burned his time with a solid nap. We thought we were so genius until the Spark Lab fun wore off and we tried to see the REST of the museum. Enter “where are all the animals?”, “is this the museum with the animals?”, “why do we have to stay heerrrreeeee…”, “can we go nooowwww?!!”.

Your sanity is NOT worth this! We accepted our folly and sped out of there. We comforted ourselves at the Punjabi food truck outside (which was yummy) and then headed down the street to the Natural History Museum. Thankfully things were much more accommodating for my young princes there (imagine my snarky face here).

On the style front I can truly say thank goodness for flats! I’ve tried wearing heels to the museum before. Completely stupid! But you already knew that. I HAD to try it at least one time to keep the corns on my toes guessing what excruciating painful experience I could indulge them in. Gotta keep those corns alive! This is one of my favorite dresses and I love that it works with flats.

p.s I’m struggling to push them while they strain their necks to stare at Bat Girl!