Portraits: Wendy

Mandy On Duty Beauty Blog

You know how there are certain portraits hung on either the wall of your home, or your mother’s home, or your grandmother’s home of when your mother or grandmother were young? And you know how those portraits are glamorous and beautiful, and it makes you feel beautiful and proud because when you look at them you know you’re a part of those women? Well that’s what doing beauty portraits of yourself is all about. Creating your own portrait for your wall, and your children’s, and your family. Your family members will look at your portrait and feel proud that you’re theirs. More importantly, you’ll be able look at yourself and appreciate your own beauty and light, and celebrate it.

This stunning, 20-something Wendy came to this beauty session very nervous, and had no idea what to expect. She’s an engineer and her every day style is simple and unfussy, but the name of the game is outing your gorgeous! These are all her own clothes, she did her hair, and I did her makeup. I just added accessories to the mix to show her that they can add instant style to simple outfits. She promised to up her accessory game and add it to her wardrobe because she saw what a big difference it can make.

Hopefully she feels this beautiful everyday even if she doesn’t go all out on the effort to get glam. Because feeling this gorgeous every day is the most important aspect of beauty.