Life Notes

Sometimes we talk about our back fat…and other body issues

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So this VERY intriguing and informative video started out as an interview with my friend Sherry about her mom life and beauty experiences, but somehow MORPHED into this candid confession and explanation about our back fat and body “things”. There is also the blog gem about her avid use of spanx(interview here), which is very important to read because well, sometimes we just need to tuck stuff in. I mean this is riveting stuff!

To be super honest (because I haven’t done enough of that in the video), after you’ve had at least 2 kids, things just appear on your mom bod right out of nowhere! What is THAT about?! Anyhoo, the moral of the video story is that if you from time to time, dissect your mini back fat and other mysterious body parts that just show up randomly without your permission, you’re not alone. (There is maybe perhaps a very, ultra slight possibility that the body parts are altered after a bit of children’s birthday party cake…but it’s ever so slight). We’re here to let you know that it’s quite ok, and very funny (in a we have to laugh or we’ll cry way)!