Shine with your personal style

April 15, 2016
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog

Sometimes no one will get or even like your personal style. I love silvery, gold, shiny pieces of clothing and I’m totally committed to them. My personal fashion police sometimes give me the cringing, roll their eyes “Wow!” or “That’s so you!” comments and my sister will just shake her head and say “Why?!” or “Only you!”.
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog
I honestly love my choices so much that I find those comments hilarious because no one can do you like you! If it fits right, totally screams you, and you love it: get it/choose it/wear it! Shiny, tiny, extra large, scaly, furry – fully commit to your own thing!
Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog
p.s. If you like shiny pieces like me, denim is the perfect complement.

Mandy On Duty Lifestyle Blog

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