Beauty Portraits: My Muse

If I knew how precious it was to revere my beauty in my 20’s I would have been a bit kinder to myself. I would have banished all those thoughts of not being beautiful enough. I would have DEFINITELY valued my boobs more! After 2 kids they could use some 20something zest!

This 20 something beauty is Alana, my sister. She’s my beauty muse and I love photographing her. She has an amazing confidence and I admire her tenacity for going after anything she wants. I don’t think she knows how beautiful she is yet (no matter how much I tell her), but until she realizes it, I value her beauty for her now. What I love best about her is that she doesn’t have a traditional skinny body or everyday millennial style but she embraces her body and style with high regard. To be admired and followed by all women who feel the need to fit in but need to realize that fitting in is not at all necessary.

Mandy On Duty Portraits Washington DC

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