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Narrowing down your personal style is hard when you’ve got a bunch of things in your closet from different eras, and you haven’t paid attention to yourself and your style in forever. Veronica grew up in a home where clothes were functional over stylish – hand me downs etc… Style wasn’t important to her mother, so even though Veronica was interested in being stylish, she didn’t know how, and didn’t have outlets to explore her style curiosities.

Now she’s juggling 3 kids and a new part-time career at a beauty company, and is swallowed by providing for everyone else, that now an outlet for self-expression is necessary for her sanity. Step in me (and her baby) to help!

One of the hardest things women face when figuring out their personal style, is actually defining it. We think once we narrow it down it might box us in or we just don’t know how to narrow it down. With Veronica our first step was cleaning out her closet. We only worked with her new clothes, and clothes that she loved, and fit her well. That was A LOT of work! We all have a habit of holding onto things that we don’t use anymore or haven’t worn in forever.  Mostly because we think we spent money on it and we shouldn’t be discarding it. But what’s the point of keeping useless stuff? Might as well make space for the new and vibrant!

After the cleansing process we narrowed down Veronica’s style to these 3 words:
So now when she goes shopping and she’s putting outfits together, she can use these words as a general guide to her personal style. Then she can add to that base as she develops her style. I showed her how to combine the clothes she all ready has into actual outfits and voila! Confidence, style, and outfits to sashay to the grocery store and life in!
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