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Lauren is a busy mom of 4 girls and until recently she had no time for herself and spent little to no time on her style. Fast forward to spawning her latest 3.5month old addition, and she now has 10 minutes/day to herself! She’s been talking about updating her style and decided to start.
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She got busy and cleaned out her closet and pared it down to only what looks good on her now. Paring down makes her closet look slim, BUT it’s a great thing  because whatever she puts on now will look great on her and she can now shop till she drops with a clear conscience!
I talked to her about what style means to her with such a busy mom life.Mandy On Duty Mom Blog Did I mention that in addition to 4 kids she works part-time in her business too? In preparation for our interview and photoshoot she went out and got a fresh haircut which instantly ungraded her to fab mom! Plus, she wore makeup which completely changed her whole look. I stared at her for quite awhile before we got on with our talk because I’ve never seen her with makeup before and I was taking in this new, chic her! She looked soooo fresh and pretty!
Mandy On Duty - A Style Blog for moms
Here’s our interview about style and being a mother of 4:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is style to you? 
I’d say a 6, but when I was in high school I was really into makeup. I experimented with lots of colors. I like style but it takes time, and finding that extra time in the morning is challenging.

Wow! You look great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in makeup. What makeup do you wear?
Foundation, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow.

Why don’t you wear it more?
Time and the kids try to get into it. (Well you should definitely do this more!)

Your makeup kit is pretty skimpy…
Yes, I go shopping for makeup every few years (Horror on my face!)
Mandy On Duty Style Blog
She chuckles. (I’m still looking a bit horrified.)
Well you also have to have friends willing to shopping with you. The last time I went was with my friend 2 years ago. It’s no fun to do it alone. Plus time, of course. You need blocks of time with no kids and that’s challenging right now.
Mandy On Duty Stylish Mom Blog
What is your favorite body part (on yourself)?
I have pretty strong calves and legs.

What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing?
What?! I’ve never seen you wear a scarf!
Uhhh, well I do love them and I have a whole drawer.

What else do you love?
Mandy On Duty Style Blog
Show me some of the pieces you love in your closet.
I love this dress! It’s the one piece I can’t fit back into yet but I love it so much I’m keeping it.
Mandy On Duty - A Style Blog for moms

Mandy On Duty - A Style Blog for moms
4 kids are a lot to have these days. Have you always wanted this many?
Yes. I’ve always wanted a house filled with kids and a big family. I’ve designed my life choices and career around wanting kids.

Do you want more kids?
I’m not sure yet. Ask me in a few years.

How do you make the decision to have more kids (or not)?
My husband and I make it together based on if we think we can do it financially and if we can handle it (physically). It’s a family decision.

You have 4 daughters. Do you they have style yet?
Yes! The first two do. The first one (age 6) is not into girly clothes and dresses so I have to hunt for pieces, like jumpers, that she’ll feel comfortable in and that she can also be super active in. The second one (she’s 4) is totally ‘girly princess’. She dresses herself and has multiple outfit changes per day! (The last two girls are still babies).
Mandy On Duty - A Style Blog for moms

At the end of our shoot she unveiled these fabulous vintage boots! I even tried them on! She’s going to wait for a few months to see if her feet shrink and she can finally wear them again. Or she may keep them for her daughters.
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