Casual chic

mandy on duty style

Doing casual is a fact of mom life. Doing casual CHIC is my mom style goal. The casual part for me means lots of t-shirts and flats. The chic part means lots of shiny accessories, and I love shine!

This is my first Coach purse acquired from the Coach outlet store. I’m not usually drawn to Coach except for the really expensive ones, but I love the metallic softness of this one and the size is perfect for every day wear. This will my summer staple.

mandy on duty mom style

mandy on duty easy mom style

Because I love getting a steal, I must share how affordable my pieces are!

T-Shirt – Banana Republic – $8.50! The last one on the mannequin of course!

Skirt – Express – $20

Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs – Marshalls – $20!! Yep! Major score!