Life Notes

Working with kids

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When you work together with your little bffs and they’re on the phone with THEIR bffs it’s very interesting. We were away from home and my son needed to talk to his best friend about 6 year old things. It was quite amusing because who knew there were so much topics they could discuss? Ninja turtles, rocks, and school are only some of the topics they scratched.
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Sometimes I wonder (and worry) about being on my computer too much around the kids, but then they find themselves busy doing their own “work”. And then I don’t feel so bad. I suppose there are no rules as to how to balance “your” time with “their” time. I remember my mother reading or doing her business, and I just had to busy myself too. And she didn’t need to explain this to me. I just knew. So I’m trying that too. Luckily they have a lot to talk about and a lot of work to do!
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