A grey skirt & leg issues

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Until last summer, I never wore shorts or any short clothes above the knee. I owned one short dress which I only wore to the beach. Ever since I was a teenager I thought my legs were not to be revealed to the world for a plethora of reasons. I thought they had too many marks (I was an active child), were not shaped right, were possibly too skinny, and just revealed too much in general. More issues than vogue!
This was until the DC summer nearly suffocated the life out of my lower body, and my jeans were stuck to my legs like they were born together! I had no choice! Turns out suffocation and lack of air on your lower body will eliminate foolish issues quick! So I bought some shorts and 2 short dresses, and exposed my legs to the fresh air all last summer. And I forgot and didn’t even care about all the stuff I had been negatively obsessing over for too many years.
So this summer I’m ramping it up! I’m trying skirts! Oh yes, very risque I know! I love this grey skirt and wore it as soon as I got it, so I know it’s a great buy! Plus it can be worn in so many ways:

Like photo A – future talk show host
Or photo b & c – future fashion talk show host
Or photo C – running errands like a regular woman!

The moral of the skirt is this – don’t wait till you’re choking to get over your body part issues. They’re probably not existent to any one else, and your body parts probably need to breathe too!