Feeling beautiful transforms – before and afters

Mandy On Duty Style Blog Washington DC

I usually ask women to come to their photo shoot bare faced so we can do the makeup from scratch. Some women wear makeup everyday and some almost never, and yet for everyone having their before picture taken, it’s still a bit intimidating.
I wear makeup almost everyday and I’m apprehensive too!

But here’s the thing – feeling beautiful and seeing yourself transforms you. Spending time on your makeup and hair transforms you from that natural everyday woman you see in the mirror daily, to that stunning hot woman you know you are inside. Seeing that always helps to reinforce that spending time on yourself makes you FEEL good.

For photography and portrait sessions posing is really important, and having a photographer (called Mandy) who knows to make you feel comfortable and direct you is key. The end result is seeing your beauty – the “you woke up like this”, “you could be Beyonce but you choose to be you”, woman that you are!